Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our baby got her ears pierced

Well she's not a baby anymore! For her 7th birthday Abby wanted her ears pierced, so I took her last Sunday and had it done. She picked out her own earrings and was so brave, she even got a certificate of bravery. Here she is, modeling her new earrings....

And here is her big sister Emma on the day she had her ears pierced, 4 years ago for her 6th birthday.

Time goes by so quickly, I sure wish I could slow it down sometimes. Next thing I know we'll be picking out dresses for proms.

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Suzanne said...

Amanda, you daughters are very pretty little girls. It's exciting to get your ears father would never let me so as soon as I could I got it done myself! Guess maybe Santa will bring earings this year? LOL