Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend project

Nevermind that this is Thursday, I'm just getting around to uploading the photos. Anyway, who doesn't want their weekend to last until Thursday?

I found this shelf at the curbside. Practically had to force my dear husband at gunpoint to put it in the van. He kept saying something about trash, but all I could hear was myself thinking about what I was going to do with it. Granted, it was dirty, white and the backing was falling off, but I could see through to it's inner beauty. Yep, that's it, inner beauty. I forgot to take a before photo, so all you get to see is mid-project, and after, once I get around to that part :)

A few coats of paint (three in the photo, four in all), a new backing (second photo), and it'll be perfect. Even Rusty admits that it's looking pretty good.

I know just where it's going and what's going on it. Then on to the next project.....


Suzanne said...

Amanda, the shelf is looking good!

Maybe one of the next projects can be posting pictures of all the pets at your house? how well do fish photograph?! LOL

I'd love to see them all, especially the dogs. If you've seen my blog, then you have seen my canine family... :)


Rachel S said...

That is really neat. Good find!