Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow Pics!!

The kids had a blast today! They had so much fun, they forgot to be mad that it snowed during their Spring Break! I loved watching them play, it's been a hard move and a long time since they've had this much fun. The girls love it when their Daddy throws shovels full of snow on them, I think he had as much fun as they did. Even Robert and his friend Devin went out to join in. They had a big snowball fight, boys against the girls. Emma and Abby grabbed the wicker loveseat as their shield, the boys only had a little table as theirs. It was so funny watching them try and build it bigger. Ellie Mae and Jack liked playing also, Ellie Mae loves the snow. Jack isn't quite used to it yet, having spent his whole life in Georgia, but I think he's acclimating. Me, well, I like to be warm. I stood on the deck to take the photos or just inside the door! I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days so staying warm was my objective today. I'll go out and join them next time. I love playing in the snow too!

It's already starting to melt. Tomorrow's forecast....highs in the lower 50s. It's winter one day and spring the next, regardless of the actual season we're in!

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