Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yay, spring is here?!

Can you hear the sarcasm? Yesterday the girls and I were hiking, today it's snowing. I mean, like 6 inches of snow in 3 hours, kind of snowing. By Friday we're supposed to be back up to into the 50s. Colorado has some crazy weather!


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I thought New England had crazy weather! Yours sounds worse. I am soooooo ready for spring too....Nancy

Raggedy Ann said...

Hi Amanda,
thanks for stopping by my blog,
I am sorry to hear you also have lost a bird. They do really become part of the family.
Love your blog..I am going to take a look around a little more at it.
Have a wonderful week!

rusluvsme said...

Thank you both for visiting my blog! I am really going to try and keep up with it this time!

The bad thing about the weather this week, it's spring break for the kids! But it's supposed to warm back up by Friday, just in time for them to go back to school. LOL