Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a great day!


Today was a beautiful day!  The dogs wanted to stay out most of the day, they laid in the sunshine for hours.  My feathered babes were out on the deck enjoying the sunshine also.  I, however, spent most of the day inside, cleaning.  I love the first day of the year when all the windows can be opened to air out the rooms. It makes me want to make everything look fresh and bright.  I did take a break and sat outside on the deck for a little while stitching on a bookmark, listening to the radio and enjoying the fresh air and a nice glass of lemonade.

We spotted our first spring baby today!!  A mama squirrel was sitting on our fence chattering away and swishing her tail at us. At first I thought she was angry that our birds were out, but she was clearly testing us out to see if it was safe enough for her baby to come out.  I must've squealed like a little girl when I saw it!  Rusty laughed at me. Hey, it doesn't take much to make me happy!  Anyway, I snapped a few shots of mama and baby.  They were watching me just as intently as I was watching them.

They were so sweet, the baby was all over mama and was very close to her most of the time. They hung around for a little while, I guess mama decided it wasn't safe to come down into the yard though. I hope I catch them when they come back!  Our pet birds waste a lot of their food, so I take it out and dump it under the one tree in our yard. The squirrels and wild birds love it.  They get lots of good stuff; dried fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds. It's a regular banquet out there!

Tomorrow's forecast is looking as nice as today's, so more spring cleaning and enjoying the outdoors!

**I realized after the fact that I was posting after midnight!  So the correct date for this post is Tuesday, March 30.**

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KAY said...

Love your quilts so far Amanda. We all make mistakes when we start, & learn along the way.
Thanks for sharing the Mother & bay squirrel photos. I think they are the sweetest wee creatures, Closest we have in Australia are possums, really pretty onesand possums here in NZ are generally hated, considered a pest.