Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First attempt at piecing a quilt top

I've loved quilts for a long time, don't know where I got my love as no one in my family quilts.  Years ago I bought a couple of books on quilting, wanting to learn myself. The books sat in storage for all of those years. I bought a very amateurishly finished vintage quilt top from a fabric fair, I finally got the ambition to put it together about a year or so ago. I sewed it pillow style and tied it. I have a photo somewhere, I'll have to look for it. I found an ad on craigslist a couple of months ago for some antique quilts for a very good price, and I grabbed them up. They're beautiful, and just what I needed to get my desire back to learn quilting.

So anyway, I bought some precut 2 inch squares from ebay, figuring if I had some ready to go fabric that I would give quilting a try.  I was browsing online and found a little tutorial for a postage stamp quilt, so that's what I went with. It's a tiny little project, just about placemat size, but it seems like it took forever! I need to learn patience with quilting.  I made several mistakes, but I think it came out pretty good. I'm not sure when I'll actually sew borders on it and actually make it into a little quilt, I'll probably give it to one of my girls for their dolls.

Here it is,  please don't look too closely, you'll see all of my mistakes!!! LOL

Right now I'm working on a small flannel quilt for our friends' new baby girl. I'm going slowly and fixing mistakes rather than ignoring them.  I bought a set of flannel receiving blankets and thought, the designs on these are pretty cute, I think I'll cut them in pieces!! LOL  I just cut 4 inch squares and arranged them in rows. Here's the blankets before cutting and after.


So far I've gotten the rows sewn in groups of three. Next I'll sew them into blocks of 3 rows, then sew them all together.  Not sure what I'm going to do after that. I really need to take a few quilting classes!

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sallie789 said...

That's going to be really cute!